The application of tightening yarns makes it possible to redesign the oval of the face, raise the eyebrows and cheekbones while correcting jowls.
Yarns can also be used to treat wrinkles: nasolabial folds and crow’s feet.
The use of tightening yarns is not reserved for facial treatment. It is also used for arms and thighs to recreate tension and correct sagging.

On the buttocks, the threads allow to redefine a rebound and a curve. The ageing appearance of the knees is also treated by the tightening yarns.
Before the tensor wires are laid, Dr. Julien Samama draws vectors or tension lines specific to each patient. This makes it possible to propose a treatment protocol adapted and personalized to each patient.

A local anesthetic is carried out beforehand in order to carry out the installation under optimal conditions.
The application of tightening wires is carried out in Dr. Julien Samama’s doctor’s office; the resumption of daily activities is possible after the procedure. Recommendations to be followed for fifteen days will be provided.

This technique is performed under conditions of rigorous asepsis.
The effect of the tensor wires is observed on two levels:
On the one hand, through the mechanical action of the notched thread that pulls subcutaneous and deep tissues.
On the other hand, through the biological action of the yarn components that promote fibroblast synthesis.

Indeed, Doctor Julien Samama applies very high quality yarns; these yarns are notched (thus allowing a mechanical action) resorbable (as during the application of stitches) and bio inductive (thus allowing a biological action).
The remote effects (several months) reinforce the immediate trading effects.
The tightening yarns also make it possible to tighten the lower part of the face, re-ascend the cheekbones, fight against the sagging neck and restore the oval of the face.

Dr. Julien Samama proposes the application of tensor wires as an essential element of a rejuvenation protocol.
Its expertise in the application of tensor wires allows it to provide each patient with a personalized and natural treatment.

fils tenseurs à Paris 17ème docteur samama
fils tenseurs à Paris 17ème
Les fils tenseurs à Paris 17ème

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