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The neckline and neck are particularly important areas of the body in anti-aging medicine: socially they are very exposed areas, especially for women.
Indeed, the skin of the necklace is particularly fragile like thin layers of a thousand leaves.

This extreme finesse makes this delicate region more fragile.
The ageing process is cutaneous and muscular.
From the skin’s point of view, the skin stains due to UV exposure over the course of life, dehydrates and wrinkles due to its thinness with the appearance of longitudinal folds.
There is also slackening of the tissues and skin placement.

From a muscular point of view, the platysma cords, neck muscle and neckline are more and more prominent with age, which alters the beauty of a neck and neckline.

All these signs of aging appear heterogeneously in each patient.
Dr. Samama strives to provide the most appropriate medical procedure while respecting the individuality and naturalness of each of his patients.

These actions include:

  • laser processing
  • platysmal injections
  • mesotherapy of the neck and neckline
  • hyalronic acid treatment of the neck and décolleté
  • superficial or deeper peeling
  • radiofrequency techniques
  • tensor yarns with bio induction

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