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The hands

Both hands and face are the parts of the body that allow us to communicate with others and give a reflection of ourselves.
With age, the skin of the hands becomes thinner and dehydrated, blood vessels and veins become more and more distinct.
The skin stains, fingers lose weight and look crumpled.

Hand treatment requires a high level of expertise that Dr. Samama masters.
Indeed, the skin on the back of the hands is very thin and particularly delicate.
Dr. Samama strives to offer each of his patients the most appropriate treatment according to individual aging.

Two preferred treatments exist:

Hyaluronic Acid bath to tighten the skin of the hands and make the vessels and veins disappear
calcium hydroxyapatite treatment for hand rejuvenation treatment, and to allow neo-callogenesis
skin peeling to remove skin spots
management of brown spots by injections without social eviction

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