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The abdomen is the site of many fat deposits that accumulate with age.
In addition, there is skin distension, which can lead to the appearance of excess skin and stretch marks.
The skin can also be the site of horizontal wrinkles.
In a contemporary way the muscle belt relaxes and relaxes (the famous abdominal muscles) due to the metabolism that slows with age.
Thus comes a stage where fat cells (adipocytes) occupy the abdominal space and cause the appearance of bulges and love handles.

To fight against these phenomena, Dr. Samama provides the most appropriate solution according to the diagnosis, thanks to the following therapeutic arsenal:

cryolipolysis techniques with handpiece adapted to the target arearadio frequency techniques with handpiece adapted to the target areanutrition consultation with regular follow-up and appropriate medical prescriptionsdraining mesotherapy techniqueshyaluronic acid treatment for horizontal wrinklescold laser techniques

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