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Rediscover an even complexion and a luminous skin!



LASERS: Find an even complexion and luminous skin!

Laser science has demonstrated its contribution to medicine for decades.
The most important and innovative application is in aesthetic medicine.
It is a constantly evolving science.
Dr. Samama, is committed to using his skills to benefit the beauty of his patients.
These applications are divided into several parts

1) Hair treatment:
Depending on the patient’s phototype, Dr. Samama will define the protocol and the type of laser to be used.
He strives to obtain an impeccable result by considering the characteristics of the patient.
Doctor Samama takes care of all hair growth and provides an appropriate response.
Indeed, female hair does not require the same care as the early management of the coarse hair on a man’s back.
Dr. Samama brings to his patients his skills as a laserist by making the diagnosis and ensuring the management and treatment of hair.

2) Photo rejuvenation and skin tension:
Laser technologies make it possible to delay the signs of time in a sustainable way by acting on skin sagging, by carrying out physical peels by eroding the superficial layers of the skin.
The capabilities of lasers and their applications are endless, Dr. Samama will allow you to benefit from the application you need through its diagnosis and treatment.

3) Therapeutic management:
Laser skin wells are performed to deposit an active ingredient (PA), thus performing physical mesotherapy, in order to improve the effectiveness of the various skin treatments.

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4) Vascular lasers :
Management of varicosities and varicose veins with laser, depending on your vascular network, Dr. Samama strives to provide the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment by providing the patient with the latest scientific techniques.

5) Scar and acne management:
Management of acne scars in ice pick, skin imperfections, pigment spots, by eroding the skin layers.
These treatments require a precise protocol to be carried out following Dr Samama’s diagnosis.
Dr. Samama is particularly committed to respecting the beauty and specificity of his patients in order to handle their requests in the most appropriate and efficient way.

6) Tattoo removal:
The processing requires a mastery of the specificity of the techniques and an absolute knowledge of the safety rules.
Thanks to his skills as a laserist, Dr. Samama will provide the appropriate laser solution and integrate it into a comprehensive care of your beauty for an early and long-lasting.

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