Radiesse Injection

Radiesse + is an injectable suspension composed of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres.

Calcium hydroxyapatite is a mineral component naturally produced by the body, its microspheres are similar to the minerals found in teeth and bones. They degrade and are then metabolized by the body. This helps to restore facial structure and improve skin health.

His action:

The calcium hydroxyapatite particles will stimulate FIBROBALASTES after injection and after resorption of the gel, the production of collagen, until they dissolve completely, i.e. for 12 to 18 months.

Their action is progressive, the skin of the treated area changes over the months, it becomes firmer, smoother, more luminous and healthier. Radiesse does not retain water, is weakly elastic but highly cohesive, which means that it will give less volume than hyaluronic acid but will be more structuring, depending on the quantities injected. Radiesse is particularly suitable for treating jowls, mandibular notches and for achieving a lift effect of the middle third of the face leading to a recension of the cheekbones.

Low in volume, it is suitable for the treatment of the lower third of the face (it does not weigh down the features).
Redefines the contours of the face; the jawbone is the famous “jawline”.
Relaxed cheeks
For the back of the hands the action of radiance is particularly interesting, it allows their rejuvenation by acting on the quality of the skin as well as on the underlying structures. We observe a disappearance of visible vessels and retention of tissues.
Dr. Julien Samama uses Radiessse + for his calcium hydroxy apatite injections.

This treatment is lidocaine which means that local anesthesia is associated with it so that the treatment proceeds ideally.

A local anesthetic is proposed before the injection in order to carry out the injections under optimal conditions.

The result is immediately visible. Radiesse instantly soothes the signs of aging, and resumption of activities is possible at the end of the consultation.

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