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Mesotherapy is an injection technique that consists of depositing an active ingredient in a very superficial way.

In Aesthetic Medicine, this technique restores youth, vigor and radiance to a tissue by injecting hyaluronic acid, vitamins and amino acids.
The injection technique is adapted to each patient and their treatment plan in order to be the least invasive and most effective.

Applied to the scalp, this technique stimulates the bulb and fights alopecia (hair loss) and lack of vitality of the hair, restoring the scalp. This boosts local microcirculation and gives strength to the hair.

Mesotherapy of the scalp promotes regrowth and increases hair density.
Mesotherapy can be performed in both men and women. It is also offered after traumatic stress, pregnancy or deficiency. It also makes it possible to optimize and enhance a hair transplant.

The treatment is carried out according to an injection protocol that is personalized and adapted to the patient.
The treatment is performed over a period of 3 months and includes 12 sessions. It begins with a weekly session lasting 4 weeks. Then, one session every two weeks for two months

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