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For a rejuvenated and radiant skin


PEELINGS: For a rejuvenated and radiant skin

Medical peeling consists of eroding layers of the skin so that it is better oxygenated, more radiant, firmer and less wrinkled.
The skin is composed of different and distinct layers:

-the epidermis
-papillary lime
-the last reticle.

Depending on the diagnosis made and the desired result, a peeling will be performed that will reach one or more skin layers. The skin will thus peel, leading to its regeneration and the appearance of a brand-new skin.
This will help to treat superficial or deep spots, scars, wrinkles or fine lines, skin quality, appearance.
The skin’s reconstitution mechanism is associated with neoallagenesis, which will lead to cell production and improve skin quality.
The treatment plan and diagnosis will be carried out in the office by Dr. Samama.
Dr. Samama is committed to offering his patients a personalized treatment plan adapted to their diagnosis.
The peels selected by Dr. Samama come from the world’s leading laboratories and have proven their safety and effectiveness internationally.

In aesthetic medicine There are different peels depending on the desired effect.

In aesthetic medicine there are different peelings depending on the desired effect

This type of intervention is also not recommended for people suffering from scarring problems or lymphatic system disorders. The same applies to black and mixed skins, which run the risk of depigmentation in the case of a deep peeling.
If you have heart problems, diabetes, kidney failure...

it is best to consult your doctor who is following you before you start. And of course, as a precautionary measure, it is best to wait a little while if you are pregnant.
But in any case, it is important to note that peeling is part of aesthetic medicine. For reasons of efficiency but above all safety, only a professional, dermatologist or aesthetic doctor is therefore authorized to perform this type of procedure.

The course of a session:
- For TCA peeling:
4 sessions spaced 15 days apart
Duration: 20 minutes
- For depigmenting peels
1 to 2 sessions spaced 1 month apart
Other protocols are possible depending on the indication.
It will be prepared in consultation, in the presence of the patient, after careful examination.

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