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Oval of the face

Over time the oval of the face collapses and an unsightly jowl often appears.
Dr. Samama is committed to reforming and sharpening the mandibular line, which gives the patient a tonic and youthful appearance.

After a personalized diagnosis, Dr. Samama uses a range of aesthetic medicine techniques to redefine sharp angles, and fight against ptosis and the appearance of jowls.

For this purpose it also proposes:

  • installation of biostimulating tensor yarns with a dual action:
    1- mechanical thanks to the lift made by the notched wire
    2- biological by biostimulation carried out by the yarn component: caprolcatone and polylactic acid.
  • targeted injection of fillers to project target areas
  • radiofrequency techniques
  • sub-mental cryolipolysis
  • laser processing
  • to come: all by phophatidycholine to melt sub-mental fat

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