Changing mentalities and social habits are attracting more and more men to take an interest in the fields of aesthetic medicine.

In today’s society, which is more demanding than in the past, man does not derogate from the rule of maintaining and preserving beauty and youth.

The democratization of aesthetic medicine in humans is accompanying other social phenomena such as the explosion of fitness practice in sports halls, the explosion in the sale of beauty products….

Man, also wants to be well on a daily basis, to take charge of his body as a whole, both by playing sports and by providing a variety of treatments.

What do men want?

Get a radiance boost, improve the complexion, even out the skin texture

Reduce “lion’s wrinkles”, glabella wrinkles (worry lines between the eyebrows), crow’s feet, forehead, and reduce dark circles.

Treat bitterness folds (wrinkles in the corners of the mouth), remove nasolabial folds (wrinkles on either side of the nose), remove the double chin.

Improve the silhouette, look dynamic.

Improve hair.

Prevent the effects of time, remain attractive.

Restructuring of the jaw and mandibles.
The redefinition of the lower third and the chin.
Doctor Samama will propose treatments adapted to your morphology and male characteristics in terms of the quality of your skin, the evolution of your face and body over time.

The care offered for men:

  • Tensor wires
  • Scalp mesotherapy
  • Radiesse
  • LasersPlexr
  • Medical lasersHair removal
  • Laser
  • Skinbooster
injection botox pour homme
injection acide hyaluronique homme
traitement des rides pour homme
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Aesthetic medicine practice Doctor Samama, Paris

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