visage après Médecine esthétique

The face in its globality

Dr. Samama establishes a treatment plan during the first aesthetic medicine consultation.
This treatment plan provides a complete rejuvenation effect.

Thanks to key injection points that Dr Samama has defined, the treatment restores the volumes associated with a lifting effect.
This non-surgical method makes it possible to anticipate facial ageing by acting on all the stigmas of ageing, in contrast to localized filling.

This makes it possible to obtain a global and harmonious rejuvenation;
This technique is completed by a deep moisturizing of the face, resulting in an embellishment and durability of the result.

This deep hydration via a medical procedure performed by Doctor Samama causes a real burst of radiance to the face and neck.

For this treatment plan, Dr. Samama will use the following therapeutic arsenal:

  • tensor wires with collagen bio-induction
  • fillers
  • injection techniques

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