Plexr medical blepharoplasty (plexR treatment means plasma exeresis):
By depositing a significant amount of energy on the skin of the eyelid, a sublimation of the skin is achieved.

This means that excess skin changes from solid to gaseous state. The drooping eyelid literally vanishes into thin air!
The process remains localized and no heat, energy or heat transfer occurs in subcutaneous tissues.
The electrode is placed 1 mm from the skin, creating an electric arc allowing sublimation.
This prevents direct contact with the skin.

Each impact creates a retractable microburn on the skin of the eyelid without any thermal effect (no heat).
Skin retraction allows for medical blepharoplasty (without surgery) and the treatment of drooping upper and lower eyelids.
The treatment is extremely precise.
The plexr session is preceded by a topical local anaesthesia (cream).

Dr. Samama is committed to natural treatment and proposes a personalized treatment plan.
Palpebral edema may appear during the rest of the procedure for a few days.
Dr. Julien Samama has developed a glazing and healing protocol to significantly reduce edema.

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