Dr. Julien Samama

Dr Julien Samama’s office is located in Paris, near Parc Monceau.
Dr. Julien Samama carries out diagnoses and aesthetic medical procedures while keeping abreast of the latest medical techniques and innovations.

Always attentive, he will propose a treatment plan adapted to your needs, while respecting your personality.

Dr. Julien Samama is committed to presenting the latest medical procedures in order to offer his patients the latest gestures based on the latest scientific knowledge.

“Preserving the natural beauty present in the beauty of each of my patients is essential to me, it has guided my university curriculum, and continues to guide my practice…”

Dr Julien SAMAMA

Medical diplomas

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Aesthetic medicine practice Doctor Samama, Paris

We look forward to answering your questions or welcoming you to our office in Paris.

To do so, we invite you to visit our contact page or to contact us by phone at the coordinates indicated below.
+33 (0) 9 50 46 23 55


6 rue de Logelbach
75017 Paris

+33 (0) 9 50 46 23 55