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The lips

The lips are a major means of communication, and an asset of seduction.

The lip treatment is characterized by 2 components:
– Rehydration and toning to highlight the beauty of a smile, the correction of a lip that gets thinner with age to rejuvenate a smile.
– The drawing of a lip in order to modify its expression: eversion of the lip, rewinding a lip in order to offer a fuller mouth.

It is also interesting to associate a management of the solar pleat (or bar code): these are the small wrinkles that appear above the upper lip with age.

Dr. Samama is committed to providing personalized and adapted care for his patients.

The techniques on which it is based are among others:

  • the injection
  • Hyaluronic Acid treatment
  • laser techniques applied to the oral and peri-oral region
  • medium or deep superficial peels
  • plexiglass techniques

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